October 1, 2020

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What’s New for “SEO in 2020”

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A new year is almost here to welcome us and we should also get ready to accept new upcoming challenges in SEO. So let’s see how is “SEO in 2020” and what’s new.

We all know that Google adds JavaScript SEO basics to its Search developer’s guide. So, now the basics of JavaScript is mandatory for all SEO artisans. With JavaScript, knowledge of HTML and CSS will make a good impression and add weight in your resume as well.

  • Branding: every day hundreds of website are going live similar to your business. In this case, paid advertising is not only an option. It might be expansive for many organizations too.

    When you think about organic social traffic, you’ll realize that the best way to create a stable flow of traffic is to focus on branding.

    The keywords are brand awareness and brand reputation. Start thinking out of the box and engage as much as you can with your target audience. As you grow your brand’s reputation, you’ll be able to take advantage of the “linkless mentions”, which are linkless backlinks that Google and Bing perceive as important ranking signals.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence is no longer the future, it is present. It is not limited just to answer the questions or giving you a suggestion. Google AI’s technology collects, measures and store lots of data to predict better search intent when it comes for digital marketing and SEO.

    For example, understanding your testimonials to rank your content based on different algorithms, AI will change the SEO game forever.

    All data google stores are available to end-users as well, one or other way. You can get the maximum from it and make it useful for your self.
  • The Flash is not only the fastest man alive, your website too: Ten years ago, the website used to load very slowly. But, everything is different today. Every user expects their online experience smooth and fast.

    When we do any search on the search engine or e-commerce shopping website/ app, we expect immediate answers to our query. We’ll seek another solution if we will not get smooth experience and this is what almost every user reacts.

    Google pays close attention to the time that people spend on a website. The “bounce rate” becomes even more important in 2020, and webmasters should pay close attention to their website’s performance and UX to give their users a smooth experience.
  • User Experience is the key to win the users: The competition is significant in every possible domain, webmasters must differentiate their brands and products in any way possible.

    In 2020, user experience is not important but critical. Content should be easily discoverable to the user without being interrupted by banners, popups and advertisements. Also, it is mandatory to keep checking website with ADA Compliance.
  • Optimization: Optimization is a must to perform a task not only for website performance but for content as well. Because “Content is the king” but what kind of content?

    Some many marketers and webmasters don’t understand that content must be targeted towards users, not optimized exclusively for the search engines. Because, in the end, we are writing for the users and not for the search engines.

    In 2020, natural content is more important than anything. Because google AI will identify optimized content and over-optimized content.
  • Mobile First: When almost 70%+ users are using mobile devices to access web pages and if your website is not mobile responsive, you lost the game there only. They use phones to communicate, entertain themselves, seek information, stay active on social channels, and so on.

    Well, if your content and website features are only accessible through desktop devices, your mobile traffic will immediately exit your platform, giving Google the necessary clues to understand that you’ve offered a poor user experience.
  • Voice Search and Optimization: You can search for something using your phone, smartwatch, smart TV, or home voice assistant, so why would you bother inputting text to get that quick answer?

    Research suggests that more than 50% of all of the web’s searches will come from voice searches. Still, voice searches are more conversational and natural. If you’re going to optimize your site for voice, you’ll need to figure out the most pressing and frequent questions of your target audience.
  • Website Security: In 2020, the first thing a user will notice about your website is security. One of the basic and common ways to tell your users that their connection to your website is secure is by using SSL. If users will not see HTTPS in your website, your bounce rate will be higher and it will also affect your Google or any other search engine listing.
  • influencer Marketing: Most people would rather take the advice of an influencer than listening to a random ad. The Internet user is getting tired of intrusive ads, so they’re slowly becoming immune to many forms of paid advertising. Influencer marketing is the best solution right now, as it serves a rather friendly and non-intrusive way of promoting products and services.


SEO is never to stay fixed and daily changing field. To stay ahead of others, you need to get updated of everything as much as possible. Also, getting updated will not help you win the game unless you implement it and get the actual practice result out of it.

Did I missed anything, I am sure I am. Don’t forgot to comment below and share your thoughts on the same.

Image Credit: Infographic vector created by gstudioimagen – www.freepik.com