Getting Started with AWS and EC2 Instance

With this tutorial, “Getting Started with AWS and EC2 Instance” we will set up AWS EC2 instance which will cost you almost free.

Before getting started further, kindly check your AWS free tire eligibility here,

So now, let’s jump to the tutorial and follow below simple steps to set up our first AWS EC2 Instance.

  1. EC2 Dashboard
  2. Choose AMI (Amazon Machine Image)
  3. Choose Instance Type
  4. Configure Instance
  5. Add Storage
  6. Add Tags
  7. Configure Security Group
  8. Review And Deploy

EC2 Dashboard

After login into AWS Console ( go to EC2 service. You can select it from the “Services” menu from the top left navigation or you can search it in the “Find Services” option.
Here, you can change your machine image deployment region from top right option (Ref. Image below) if you wish to deploy it to the other region then default select region.

AWS Change region and launch ec2 instance

To launch the instance, select “Launch Instance” option.

Choose AMI (Amazon Machine Image)

Select “Free tier only” to get list of free available AMI and click “Select” to select your preferred OS distribution. In our case, I’ve selected “Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS”

You can also search for available OS or package from search bar provided.

AWS Filter and select volume type

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